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Our History

Nobody thinks about the roof much during the dry summer months. It often takes the onset of the rainy season to appreciate the value of a good roof, and a good roofing company. Wolfy's Sunrise Roofing is one of the fastest-growing roofing contractors in the Monterey Bay Area, and for good reason Wolfgang Maerker has a quarter century industry experience working on everything from large commercial projects to people's garages.

Wolfy's Roofing

Mr. Maerker points out, "Quality isn't expensive it's priceless." Wolfy's Sunrise Roofing is known for dogged pursuit of that quality after all, your roof is one of your biggest investments and protects your possessions and family. It doesn't matter what kind of roof you've got, Wolfy's has experience with all roof types and materials. They'll affect repairs, replace an old roof or add skylights to your current roof.
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