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Nobody thinks about the roof much during the dry summer months. It often takes the onset of the rainy season to appreciate the value of a good roof, and a good roofing company. Wolfy's Sunrise Roofing is one of the fastest-growing roofing contractors in the Monterey Bay Area, and for good reason Wolfgang Maerker has a quarter century industry experience working on everything from large commercial projects to people's garages.

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House Hit By Storm Damage

Storm Damage

You may have been in your home or business during a hail storm at some point. It sounds like someone is dropping rocks on your roof. You may have seen shingles around your property after a heavy hail or wind storm. This type of damage can not go unchecked. Missing shingles can lead to water seeping into your roof or even your home. Do your property a favor, fix small issues before they become larger issues.



Get peace of mind along with cost savings, sustainability, and elegant design. Our Solar Roofing Systems are protected by a 25-year warranty and always installed by our network of Professional Roofing Installers, who are experts at maintaining your roofs integrity.

House With Solar Panels On Its Roof

Exterior Services

Wolfys Sunrise Roofing offers residential exterior services in Ottawa and neighboring area. Changing the look of your windows, siding, gutters, soffit & fascia and doors can really change the way your home looks.

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